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Breastfeeding Tips for Moms

1.) Tips for Breastfeeding Moms Handout 

Here are some helpful tips for breastfeeding moms to help increase or sustain milk supply. 

2.) Colostrum is Liquid Gold Handout

Colostrum is so nutritious for babies! Here are some fun facts about colostrum.

3.) Quick and Easy Snacks for the Busy Mom

Sometimes we don't have time to sit down for a meal. Here are some easy snack ideas that can be prepped ahead of time for on the go!

4.) Breastmilk Storage Guide

Here is a Breastmilk Storage Guide for breastfeeding moms! You can print this pdf and stick it to your fridge for a reminder! Or send to daycare so everyone knows how to handle your breastmilk safely and correctly!

5.) Lactation Cookie Recipe

Lactation supplements can be expensive! Homemade options can be more affordable and made with love! Ingredients likes oats, brewers yeast, flax seed meal, and wheat germ may help increase milk supply. Lactation supplements are not the magic pill to increase milk supply. Removing more milk by breastfeeding or pumping, skin to skin with baby, eating nutritous foods, and staying hydrated are other ways to help increase milk supply. Enjoy and share with breastfeeding mamas!

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